Tuesday Night Class Re-Cap 10/14

Awesome class last night! We had a small but great intermediate group.

A few of the songs we played

"Deja la mala noche" - Adalberto Alvarez

"No Te Detengas" - Jesus "El Zunzun De La Salsa" & Havana City

"Conmigo No" - Timbalive (as always)

"Un Loco Con Una Moto"- Pupy Y Los Que Son Son

We covered a variety of vueltas/turns.  El Uno, Kentucky, dame dos, enchufla pa' arriba, el reloj, patine y patine para mulheres, and sententacito

See you all next week 10/21 and be sure and practice, practice, practice. No matter where you are.  If you can't find a partner then grab a wooden chair.

Tuesday Night Class at LMDC: 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland. 7pm: Beginning, 8pm: Intermediate

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The 6th Salsa Rueda Festival in SF

Final Price Point is Feb 1st!!
6 classes to choose from every class slot, 4 live bands, Beginners socials, Special Guest Stars from Cuba and Europe, Timbaversty and a Social Dance Track!! Don't miss the Largest Cuban Salsa Music and Dance Festival in the U.S.
February 13 - 16, 2014
Pass Prices increase Feb 1st so still time to get a better price. 

Mayito Riveria, Bay Area Timba & Salsa All-Stars, and Team Bahia


Locals!! Remember you can always purchase passes from us in our classes and avoid the on-line fees. class schedule atwww.salsavaletodo.com


The 6th Salsa Rueda Festival in SF

 6 classes to choose from every class slot, 4 live bands, Beginners socials, Special Guest Stars from Cuba and Europe, Timbaversty and a Social Dance Track!! Don't miss the Largest Cuban Salsa Music and Dance Festival in the U.S.
February 13 - 16, 2014



The 6th Salsa Rueda Festival in SF

Salsa Vale Todo presents.....

The 6th Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco 

The Social Dance Edition!!

February 13th - 16th, 2014

at The Hotel Whitcomb in Downtown SF.


Festival Passes at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-6th-salsa-rueda-festival-in-sf-2014-tickets-8679555785

Hotel Rooms: Please Call Call 1-800-227-4747 and tell them your coming for The Festival to get the $106/night rate.

Join us in celebration of Cuban music and dance in the US! We've grown to become the largest Cuban music and dance festival in the US. We've grown from 3 nights, 2 days, 3 classes at a time, 2 live bands, and 1 Hotel to 4 nights of non-stop dance and partying, 3 days of dance Workshops, 6 classes each hour to choose from, 4 Live Bands and 2 Hotels to house all the excitement. Each and every year our international guests and performers grows!! We hope this event supports and contributes to the ongoing growth of the Cuban salsa community in the United States and throughout the World. Thank you for your ongoing support of this event, building your Cuban salsa dance communities in your home towns, and being part of the ever changing and growing landscape of the salsa rueda and casino world.

As always, each year the festival showcases new groups. The festival strives to be a welcoming, non-competitive environment for groups to showcase their latest works with others that share the love of Cuban music and dance. We have never turned away any group that wishes to participate. Our deadline for confirming 2014 performers is Dec. 15th, so please contact Nick and Serena if you are interested at salsavaletodo@gmail.com

As always, the festival is the third weekend in February and this year we are lucky to have President's Day on Monday, February 17th. So book your trip now and enjoy a long weekend in San Francisco at the festival!!!

Live Music with: 
Saturday: Mayito Rivera (ex-Los Van Van)
Friday: The Bay Area Salsa and Timba All-Stars 
Thursday: Team Bahia

Bay Area DJs: DJ WaltDigz, DJ Dark Rum, and DJ Antonio

Dance Instructors: Yanek Revilla, Karelia Despaigne, Yeni Molinet, Roynet Perez, Roberto Borrell, Royland Lobato, duane Wrenn, Kati Hernandez, Yismari Ramos Tellez, René Dennis Thompson, Temistocles Betancourt, Ramon Ramos Alayo, Denmis Bain Savigne, Sandra Moro Sleeper, El Salsaron Cubano, Mike and Simona, Chris Rogicki and Evelyn Ramirez, Julian Meija, Rick Washington, Yussef Breffe, Greisy Prieto and Javier Rosillo, Leslie Vazquez and Reinier Fernandez, Victoria-Hadar Harel, Tania de La Pena, Wilfredo Guilbiac Rodriguez, Alex Burris, Michael "Chino" Casino and Nick and Serena. (subject to change at this point in time)

Dance Performances by Yanek and Karelia, Salsa Vale Todo, Rumbanana, Las Que Son Son, SALSAtlanta , Rueda Vale Todo, Fuakata, CMV con Ritmo, Mike and Simona, CMV Kids, Grupo Experimental Nago, Las Puras, Rueda Rockets, Ann Dolan, My Salsa Performance Group, Sara Herrera & Adetola Williams, Houston Casineros, Ladies of Rumbanana, Strictly Street Salsa, Fuera de Liga, Latin Symbolics, DanceInTime and Chris & Jessica of Salsa Gente (subject to change at this point in time)

After-Party/Lunchtime DJs: DJ Alan (DF,MX), DJ Belen (Oakland), and DJ El Gato Volador (Italy)


Every Class Time: 6 different workshops to choose from.

- Beginners classes, Intermediate and Advanced workshops in Rueda, Salsa, Casino, Folklore, Rumba, Son and more

- Timbaversity Room with Lectures, Q & A sessions, and Multi-Media Demos on Cuban Music and Dance

- Social dance classes. Learn real social dance skills from the best Cuban Salsa dance instructors in the world.

- 15 min breaks between dance workshops.

- 17 hours of Beginners Bootcamp!!

- Beginners Mixer/Social Room

- DJ Room with Timba, Salsa, Cubaton, Bachata, Reggaton, Kizomba and more

- After - Party room with all star Salsa Timba DJ's till 5 a.m.

Social Dance Edition!!

This year we are excited to present a brand new track for workshops/clinics and parties: The Social Dance Track. 

Social Dance Techniques Classes: Some of the best social dancers from our Festival instructors share their techniques and tips on having a fun, successful and rewarding time on the dance floor.

Social Dance Practica: A half hour relaxed dance party moderated by your Social Dance Track Instructors.

Parties and Socials: Lunchtime DJ Timba Party, A DJ room during the night for social dancing, and Beginners Socials.

Prep for the Jack and Jill Casino Contest: That's right, we are also giving you an opportunity to put your social dance skills to the test. For the first time at The Salsa Rueda Festival both a Casino Salsa Jack and Jill and for the first time anywhere a Rueda de Casino Jack and Jill. What the heck is that!?!?! Stay tuned for further details.

...Plus more surprises...

So join us in a the first ever Social Dance Track at a Festival or Congress. Polish your social dance skills, meet new people and have a great time.

The Salsa Rueda Festival is a Salsa Vale Todo Production 
www.salsavaletodo.com - www.salsanick.com

Mayito Rivera at The 6th Salsa Rueda Festival

Performing Live, Saturday Night at The Salsa Rueda Festival, Feb 15th, 2014

MAYITO RIVERA "El Poeta de la Rumba" (ex- Los Van Van)


Festival passes at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-6th-salsa-rueda-festival-in-sf-2014-tickets-8679555785. Prices go up Dec 1st.

Hotel Rooms: Please Call Call 1-800-227-4747 and tell them your coming for The Festival to get the $106/night rate.