Salsa Nick's Bio


For over 14 years, Nick was a martial arts and movement instructor. Partner dancing and salsa were a natural progression. For the past 11 years, Nick has been teaching Salsa and in particular, Cuban style Salsa, bringing to it his existing concepts of connection, balance, and fluidity. Nick combines decades of Cuban tradition with modern movement concepts of space, timing, and flow. Presently, he teaches club-style Salsa, Rueda de Casino, cha cha cha, son, and several martial arts. Nick has trained and taught all over the U.S., including extended periods in Cuba, Miami, New York, and Texas.  Nick trains yearly with Yanek Revilla and Karelia Despaigne in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. He has also taught in Hawaii,Las Vegas and all over California at numerous Salsa Congresses, Festivals and Cruises and is the co-star of "The Quick And Dirty Guide To Salsa vol. 4". He has trained numerous instructors now teaching in S.F., Oakland, Portland and other cities in the U.S.. Nick is the co-director of Salsa Vale Todo and the co-producer of the  Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco and Las Vegas. 


Nick is available for private lessons, workshops as well as special events, video projects and film. Contact Nick at 510-207-4289, or,,

Salsa Nick's Teacher - never trust an instructor who cannot articulate clearly who their teachers were....

lthough I have picked up information from a variety of sources, these are the individuals that really affected and influenced my dance training.

- Yanek Revilla and Karelia Despaigne (, Sabor DKY, Santiago de Cuba)

-Isais Roja (Director of Ban Rarrá, Havana, Cuba)

-Luis "Titi" Gúzman Aguilera (Ban Rarrá and Raices Profundas, Havana, Cuba)

-oberto Borrell (Havana, Cuba, and The Bay Area)

-Henry Herrera (Salsa Racing, Miami)

-Omar Caraballo (Salsa Connection, Miami)

-Russ Hamer (, SF)

-duane Wrenn (Energetic Dance, Detroit)