Tuesday Night Class Re-Cap 10/14

Awesome class last night! We had a small but great intermediate group.

A few of the songs we played

"Deja la mala noche" - Adalberto Alvarez

"No Te Detengas" - Jesus "El Zunzun De La Salsa" & Havana City

"Conmigo No" - Timbalive (as always)

"Un Loco Con Una Moto"- Pupy Y Los Que Son Son

We covered a variety of vueltas/turns.  El Uno, Kentucky, dame dos, enchufla pa' arriba, el reloj, patine y patine para mulheres, and sententacito

See you all next week 10/21 and be sure and practice, practice, practice. No matter where you are.  If you can't find a partner then grab a wooden chair.

Tuesday Night Class at LMDC: 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland. 7pm: Beginning, 8pm: Intermediate