Intro to Salsa Cubana - 4 week workshops for Beginners

 This Thursday! Nickerena's amazing Intro to Salsa Cubana starts at a new location. Get your friends and family involved in the exciting Bay Area Salsa community.

Salsa Vale Todo presents...

A 4 week complete Introduction to Salsa Cubana Workshop.

January 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
7:00pm - 8:00pm
at Lake Merritt Dance Center: 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland
$48 for the 4 week series. Please no drop - ins

Salsa Nick has designed a 3 week workshop to get you familiar with the many aspects of Cuban Salsa or Casino. We will cover the important aspects of the Rhythm, footwork, partnering technique, Casino, Rueda, Suelta and a brief intro to contributing Cuban dances (Son, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Mambo). Everything you need to get out on the dance floor and/or continue in our many other Rueda and Casino classes. 

New Salsa dancers: Have no fear; you can learn both Salsa and Salsa Rueda at the same time. In fact it is a great way to learn club style dancing. The skills you learn from dancing this style of Salsa will make you a better club dancer in the end.

Experienced Salsa Rueda dancers : Perhaps you have some friends who have never done Salsa or Rueda before, here is their chance to get involved.

Experienced Salsa Dancers: Even if you have been dancing Salsa for awhile it is a good idea to start at the beginning when learning the Salsa Rueda curriculum. Here is your opportunity. All the info you need to adapt to the Cuban style

About Salsa Nick 
For over 14 years, Nick was a martial arts and movement instructor. Partner dancing and Salsa were a natural progression. For the past 12 years, Nick has been teaching Salsa and in particular, Cuban style Salsa, bringing to it his existing concepts of connection, balance, and fluidity. Nick combines decades of Cuban tradition with modern movement concepts of space, timing, and flow. Presently, he teaches Salsa Cubana (Casino), Rueda de Casino, cha cha cha, Son, and several martial arts. Nick studies yearly with Yanek Revilla, Karelia Despaigne and from Santiago de Cuba. Nick has trained and taught all over the U.S., including extended periods in Miami, New York, and Texas. He has also taught in Hawaii , Venezuela, Mexico and throughout California. He has taught at numerous salsa congresses, festivals and cruises and is the co-star of "The Quick And Dirty Guide To Salsa, vol. 4". Nick teaches Casino and Rueda de Casino classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond at festivals and events across the Americas. Nick is the co-director of Salsa Vale Todo and Rueda Vale Todo and the co-producer of the annual SF Salsa Rueda Festival.