Advanced Salsa Cubana Workshop - Miami Style Salsa

  • Miami Style Salsa Casino 

    A 3 week Salsamatics Advanced Salsa Cubana Workshop 

    December 5th. 12th. and 19th: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

    at Urban Motion and Arts: 366 Grand Ave. in Oakland 

    $36/ all 3 classes, $15 drop-in

    pre-register here:

    An in-depth look at what makes Miami Style Salsa Casino different from other styles of Cuban Salsa. It's origins, unique rhythmic lead and follow, and some lost Miami turns from the 90's. 

    Salsa Nick was fortunate enough to be able to study with several of the original and innovative dancers in the Miami Salsa Casino scene. Omar Cabrillo, Henry Herrera, and Ramani Nicola. He was able to study at all the well-known Miami Salsa schools; Salsa Connection, Salsa Racing, Salsa Kings, and Salsa Lovers. In addition, he partnered with Gigi de Calle Ocho for the instructional video "The Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa" vol 4. 

    We will be presenting many of the unique steps that make Miami style different from other styles of Salsa and Casino. Also many of the lost turns from the early days of Salsa Connection and Salsa Racing.

    **Please: We ask that all students be familiar with Miami version of Vacilia.**


Urban Motion and Arts

366 Grand AvenueOakland, California 94610

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