Advanced Salsa Cubana Workshop

Tonight at Urban Motion and Arts
October 17th - Paseas y Suelta Detrás

Free Timba Social afterwards 9:30-11pm: We will be bumping the new Timbalive tonight!!

 Salsa Vale Todo presents..

The Return of Salsamatics!!

Episode 1: Salsa Apretada (Salsa in closed position)

October  17th and 31st of 2013
8:30-9:30pm at Urban Motion Dance Studio.
$15 - drop-in
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We often find ourselves as Casino (Cuban) style dancers, dancing to complex fast Timba Salsa in small crowded clubs. Usually the best music and dancers are found in the most crowded of clubs. At times, the music calls for a break from open and larger movements. Still wanting to dance and express ourselves we have developed a workshop series that focuses on the closed position in Cuban (Casino) Style Salsa. Our techniques are drawn from a variety of sources including Danzon, Son, Casino, Salsa Linea, Tango, and Tai Chi. Our workshop starts with the basics adapted to crowded intimate dance floors, and covers traveling, rhythm changes, posture, connection, communication, turnillos, adapting complex moves to club situations, Paseas, Habaneras, and Suelta Cerca. Learn to lead and follow anything in a relaxed friendly environment without all that yanking, pushing and pulling to communicate with each other.

4-week progressive workshop series - 2 weeks left

October Thursdays at Urban Motion and Arts: 366 Grand Ave. in Oakland
Every class is followed by a relaxed, friendly social playing the best Timba, Salsa, y Timbaton


October 17th - Paseas y Suelta Detrás

* entrances to Suelta Detrás footwork positions

* lead and follow Suelta Detrás footwork

* Paseas from a closed position: pasea pa' abajo, pasea pa'arriba, pasala a lo cubano, coca-cola pa' afuera, cross-handed travelling

October 31st - putting it all together

* quick review

* dancing in the club: club style versions of your favorite basic moves: dos y una loca, setenta, vacilia, y dedo.

* beginning turnillo in closed position

*lead and follow with no hands

PLUS!! - SVT/RVT Halloween Party 9:30-midnight