Sunday Salsa Rueda Class 8/26/12 re-cap

Sunday Rueda de Casino class was awesome!!

6-7pm: Suelta class with the leaders: After warm-up and isolations, we worked on transitioning between back and front basics, switching to mambo time and back, our advanced suelta footwork was Obispo 1,2 and 3 and then of course putting the whole move together. Serena led the followers in body movement warm up to Cubaton, followers footwork drills; and a Cuban cabaret inspired choreography.

7-8pm: Beg/Int Rueda circle reviewed setentacito, enchufla y suenalo, and we added chisme and 13

8-9pm: Adv Rueda class covered  rumba para la nina y senora, cadena complicada and we ended with a Miami classic; Tusacutusa from Salsa Racing dance studios.

Remember class next week is cancelled  9/2/12 for Labor Day. Have fun BBQing