Re-Cap of Salsa Rueda Class 8/21/12

A quick re-cap of last nights fabulous Salsa Rueda class

The 7 to 8 class reviewed: 70, enchufla y suenalo, and setentacito, and we added enchufla pa'l medio con dos, and of course "22".  Next week we will make sure to review those moves as well as add some new ones.

The 8 to 9 class reviewed vacilia, 70 miami, 70 complicado.  We added 7/70, and 13 and then we danced a whole bunch.

Many thanks to Tomasito for showing us enchufla y suenalo, setentacito, and 13 at the 2012 Las Vegas Salsa Rueda Festival.

Check us out next week at Addis Habana, 366 Grand Ave in Oakland. See my class schedule to the left.

If you didn't make it to The 2012 Las Vegas Salsa Rueda Festival, Here's some of what you missed.  Be sure and attend next year and catch all the hottest stars in Salsa Casino.