Tuesday July 29th

Tuesday Salsa Rueda in Oakland
at The Lake Merritt Dance Center: 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland
Hall 2, plenty of parking, large ballrooms to dance in...

7-8pm: Beg/Int Salsa Cubana and Rueda de Casino
8-9pm: Int/Adv Rueda de Casino
$13/ 1 class, $17/ both classes

With over 12 years of teaching in The Bay and regular annual study in Cuba to perfect their craft, Nick and Serena are uniquely qualified to break down and teach the patterns, turns, footwork and rhythms of Salsa Casino.
www.salsavaletodo.com www.bayareasalsarueda.com www.salsanick.com





Salsa Nick offers group classes and private lessons in Cuban style Salsa (Casino), Rueda de Casino, and Suelta around The Bay.  Add your e-mail to our list for all the latest updates and information about Classes, Workshops, and Events around The Bay Area and Beyond....

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Join us in Cancun for an amazing Salsa Cubana event!!


Thursday July 31st

Thursday Nights In Oakland by the Lake.
Taught by Nick and Serena of SVT and The Salsa Rueda Festival

7-8pm: Intro to Salsa Cubana - Beginning level, complete introductory class to get you out on the dance floor.
8-9pm: Social Rueda: Come learn skills for dancing Rueda in social situations in this fun, dynamic, exciting class. Beg/Int level. Rueda games. everyone practices calling and we have a great time.

@ Lake Merritt Dance Center: 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland, 
Lots of parking!, Large space to dance in.
Hall 1 upstairs. $40/ 4-week session, $13/drop-in.
www.bayareasalsarueda.com www.salsavaletodo.com www.salsanick.com

My two dance teams; Salsa Vale Todo and Rueda Vale Todo are available for performances, instruction, hosting, weddings, dance festivals, and more. Check out their website  at www.salsavaletodo.com

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